Latest updates (5/3/08):

News from the Athens/Chattanooga SDA Trial–Sequoyah Shepherds wants to say thanks to Tom Cawood and Chris Smith for their hard work in getting our dogs ready for trial and competing for our latest titles.

Tom Cawood did a wonderful job training and preparing Uny for her May 3rd competition. They successfully competed for both a Family Obedience title as well as her Protection Alert title. Way to go! Tom also competed with his dog Turbo (Raven/Logan pup out of January, 2007 litter) and took second place with him in the Family Obedience competition.

Chris Smith competed quite successfully in his very first SDA Trial with our very own Tigress. He has done a superb job with her training and also won both a Family Obedience title and a Protection Alert title. We are extremely proud of both of them.

Also, Judge and I competed for our very first P1 (Protection Dog 1) title. I am proud to announce that Judge now holds that title with honor.

Tom, Chris, and I are now looking forward to our trip to the UKC Premier this year (June) where we will all be competing again for our next titles. I will update you on that trial as soon as we get back!

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