Our Standards:

Here at Sequoyah Shepherds, we have focused our breeding program first and foremost on orthopedic excellence. Without excellent hips and joints, it does NOT matter how much time and effort you put into mentally preparing your dog to perform to his full potential if his body will not let him. We attempt to eliminate any possible genetic issues by choosing the healthiest breeding stock. All of our dogs are dual hip scored with both OFA (or SV) scores and Pennhip scores, to be in our breeding program. They must also pass an OFA or SV evaluation of their elbows as well.

Below is a copy of our health guarantee in regards to our puppies. We want you as an owner or potential buyer to be assured that we stand behind our puppies 100%. However, in all breeding programs, no matter how hard breeders try and no matter how dedicated, occasionally a genetic defect will crop up. This is simply a fact. No breeding program of any kind is entirely free of undesirable genetic issues because no dog is perfect. We will, however, strive do everything possible to prevent this from happening. Because we are very proud of our puppies here at Sequoyah Shepherds, should something unexpected come up, we are proud to stand behind each and every one of them.

Health Guarantee

Full Replacement–(We will not always ask that a dog be returned to us from a safe and loving home if by chance something does come up that warrants a full replacement. However, if we are offering a replacement puppy or a refund, we will require that you spay or neuter your dog.)

Hip dysplasia: We offer a full replacement/guarantee against hip dysplasia. This does not include any environmentally related injuries that are derived from or are the direct result of: work related or activity injury, abuse, neglect, or environmentally related issues outside the control of Sequoyah Shepherds. Hip dysplasia is only partially genetic. Other environmental factors can play a large role in the development of hips. One of the most important factors is weight. It is essential that you keep your dog at the appropriate weight in all stages of life. Also, only feed food that is appropriate in its calcium levels (between 0.7-1.2) until the puppy reaches 12-14 months of age, at which time you calcium levels become less significant. This helps prevent the puppy from receiving excessive amounts of calcium and calories which can lead to joint damage.

If the Buyer intends to have the dog’s hips evaluated, he must do so within the guarantee period of 36 months. Sequoyah Shepherds will have six months to verify the diagnosis with a second opinion and respond to the reimbursement request.

Genetic Diseases: We offer a full replacement/guarantee for up to 3 years against genetically caused diseases and defects which would prevent the dog from performing the duties and purposes for which he was purchased.

Some examples of what Sequoyah Shepherds will give a refund/replacement puppy for, in case of a genetically determined disease, but not limited to:

  • Hip or elbow dysplasia, as evaluated and defined by OFA at or after two years of age, or as evaluated/defined by PennHip (scores less than 0.42) at or after 12 months of age.
  • Any genetic defect or genetically caused reproduction problem that prevents a male or female from reproducing on a Guaranteed Breeding Dog. Such as:
    • Retained testicles after 1 year of age.
    • Sterility.
    • Hormonal Imbalances that prevent conception.
  • Eye abnormalities which affects vision such that the dog is unable to fulfill it’s intended duties and functions.
  • Severe and debilitating allergies or chronic, severe stomach dysfunctions which permanently prevent the dog from performing its intended duties. The dog must have been tested positive for by a licensed veterinarian, and backed by the veterinarian’s written statement.

In the case that the aforementioned dog falls within the full replacement guidelines of the Health Guarantee and becomes ill and no longer able to perform its duties, Sequoyah Shepherds will confer with the Buyer and Sequoyah Shepherds will choose one of the following options:

A. The Buyer will have the dog spayed or neutered, and the Buyer may keep the dog while receiving a full money refund for the purchase price of the dog, minus any Achievement Awards and/or partial refunds the Buyer may have received.
B. The Buyer will have the dog spayed or neutered, and the Buyer may keep the dog while receiving a replacement dog of equal or greater value as a replacement as soon as one comes available. If refunds or Achievement Awards have been paid out, the replacement puppy will be the equal to the purchase price of the dog minus the value of the Awards and/or partial refunds already paid.
C. The Buyer will return the dog and receive a full money refund for the purchase price of the dog minus any Achievement Awards and/or refunds the Buyer may have already received.

Partial Refunds–

A partial refund of 50% of the purchase price or the cost of the repair, whichever is the lesser amount, is offered for dogs that have a genetic defect or disease which is determined to be genetically caused and who are still capable of performing the duties and functions for which they were purchased, but have a serious issue. We offer this partial refund to help you with the medical costs and difficulties these issues may cause. These conditions must be confirmed by tests or positive identification by a licensed veterinarian.

A partial refund for genetically related diseases and defects which do NOT prevent the dog from performing its intended duties and functions but which are considered serious. For example, but not limited to:

  • A retained testicle in a dog which has a restricted registration, OR full registration but who is NOT Guaranteed to be a Breeding dog. Retained testicles can cause your neutering costs to go up.
  • A navel hernia that has not closed up by the age of eight months. These are easily repaired when the dog is spayed or neutered.
  • Allergies which are not totally debilitating, but are such that it is a daily chore and/or extra significant expense to maintain the health of the dog. This condition must be confirmed by an allergen test with a licensed veterinarian.
  • Ears that are not standing completely by 12 months of age. (If the ears aren’t standing at 5 months of age, the buyer must notify Sequoyah Shepherds at this time.)

Please confer with us concerning any issues or concerns you may have about your puppy. If your veterinarian finds any problems with your dog, we want to know about it immediately. This helps us improve our lines and hopefully prevent any future problems. You may also be eligible for a refund for your medical expenses and difficulties.

**Warning: If the puppy is not registered in our kennel name “Sequoyah’s”, we have the right to declare the health guarantee as invalid.
**Furthermore, proof of spaying or neutering will be required before any refunds will be given out.


Baby-Sitting: We often, (if at all possible), babysit puppies for our buyers, who buy a puppy but need to go out of town, on vacation or are in the process of moving, etc.

Microchipping: As an added service, we microchip the puppies before they leave (at about 7 weeks of age). The purpose of a microchip is that if the dog ever gets loose and ends up in either a shelter or a veterinarian’s office, the dog can be scanned and the microchip number can be traced back to you. This is a permanent identification and the microchip number is registered with AVID Identification Systems (American Veterinary Identification Devices) which maintains the owner’s information. We believe this service is invaluable in keeping our beloved animals safe. Your puppy will already be implanted with a microchip before you take it home.

Vaccinations: If you are a local buyer, we offer free routine vaccinations, for the first year of your puppy’s life. (This includes Canine Distemper, Hepatitis (Adenovirus Type 2), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.)

Medication refills by mail: We are able to mail you refills of your heartworm preventative (Sentinel, Heartgard, and Interceptor), flea and tick medication (Advantage, Frontline, and Revolution), as well as many other products.

**If you wish to purchase prescription items and you are using another veterinarian, you will have to obtain a prescription from your current veterinarian.

Returning the puppy:

If for any reason you are unable to keep a dog you purchased from Sequoyah Shepherds, please contact us immediately. SEQUOYAH SHEPHERDS RESERVES FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL OF ANY PUPPY OR DOG purchased from us. We will be glad to help you in any way we can as we understand that sometimes things happen and hard choices must be made through no fault of your own or your dog’s. If something should happen and you need to find a new home for your dog, AND we are unable to take him/her, we will be glad to work with you. We will be glad to place the dog free of charge on our website. Also, often times in emergency situations we can provide boarding until a new home can be found. If additional expenses and services are incurred, such as retraining the dog, then we will have to discuss those issues/values as they occur.

Even when our puppies go to a new home far away, they will forever remain part of the family of Sequoyah Shepherds.