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  • Dagger vom Sequoyah Haus is a son of Hayk von Tjarnshaget (Police Service Dog) and Moira vom Haus Hoengen one of our best producing females. Working West German lines.
  • Dagger is a three year old dark sable male of medium size. A very good looking dog with good head and ear set. Has a great temperament with excellent ball drive.
  • He has had good foundation for protection training, exhibits very good grips. He also has above average obedience training with intense focus when heeling.


  • Hyperactive issues such as chasing tail and destroying water buckets. He is a dog that must be given toys such as large rubber balls to keep him occupied so to entertain his self when left alone or he will become destructive to anything else he has access to.

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M “Emme” – Female: 14 months old

Active Family Dog/Club level Sport Dog

M is the daughter of Mags vom Sequoyah Haus and 2x BSP Champion Bolle Ja Na Ka. She is a sweet, outgoing female with basic obedience training and medium/high drive. She is affectionate with a sweet but active. She has a soft disposition – easy to correct but does highly enjoy bitework and has taken to protection training well. Started on foundation work for both protection training basics, obedience, and article indication. Early hip and elbow scores look good. Great with people and kids (providing that they don’t mind an active dog).

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Zorr vom Sequoyah Haus

  • 1 year old Sable male – DDR and Czech lines
  • Born 6/2017 – Jax vom Banach and Quilla vom Sequoyah Haus son.
  • Crate and housebroken
  • LARGE boned male – currently around 87 pounds with 2 years left of growth.
  • Social and biddable but will be protective
  • Basic obedience (has had no protection training at this point).
  • “Velcro dog”
  • Excellent off switch but has active spurts.
  • Affectionate and “pack-oriented”.

Vera vom Sequoyah Haus

  • 1 year old beautiful bicolor female – West German Lines
  • Born 3/6/2017 – Eymi z Udoli Upy and Bolle Ja Na Ka daughter
  • Crate Trained
  • Social, biddable, very active
  • Easy to work with. Compliant and even tempered.
  • Minimal obedience training
  • Showing nice working abilities in protection but has not had any training at this time…..yet.
  • Premlinary hip and elbow scores were just done on 7/11/18 – awaiting results.



  • One year old female out of Quilla vom Sequoyah Haus and Jax vom Banach (links to Quilla and Jax’s pages)
  • Born 6/21/17
  • Housebroken and obedience trained.
  • Will have nice flashy healing
  • Attentive to handler but suspicious of outsiders
  • Very nice bone and structure
  • Travels well.  Loves to camp.


  • Black Sable Female – 1.5 years old
  • Born 11/26/16 – Daughter to Savage and Arek vom Wedeme
  • Black Sable Female
  • Very social and environmental confident
  • Agility and obedience is more up her alley than personal protection work
  • Currently considering co-ownerships for the right home
  • Hip and elbow certified pending (pre-lims are very good)
  • Price negotiable


  • Daughter to Cora z Chodskeho and Cero JIvo
  • Born 11/23/16
  • Obedience Training
  • Started in protection work
  • Social female but loyal to her “pack”
  • Sale Pending

Noki vom Sequoyah Haus

  • Born 6/22/16 – 2 year old Dark Sable Male
  • Son to WildFire vom Sequoyah Haus “Flame” and Barry von Casa Arado
  • Good/great ball and prey drive – with strong defense side
  • Good grips – had minimal protection training but is from strong grip/defense lines. (2 of his siblings are still owned by Sequoyah and both are excellent grippers.
  • Bonds closely to his handler/owner
  • Would make very good club dog or even advanced competition dog with good handler/decoy
  • Very good personal protection dog in the right home – not good for inexperienced handler if much protection training is placed on dog.
  • Environmentally sound
  • Social but has suspicious side
  • Experienced homes preferred

Ursi – Female: Almost 12 months old – SOLD

Active Family Dog/Personal Protection Prospect

Ursi is the daughter of Connie v.h. Polbeekkwartier and 2x BSP Champion Bolle Ja Na Ka. She is a sable 1 year old female with basic obedience training and started on the foundations of protection training. She is house trained, good with other dogs, very affectionate. Her preliminary hips scores are have come back as OFA good.

Max – Male: 18 months old – SOLD

Active Family Dog/Personal Protection Prospect

Max is the Son of Gunner (Moira x Wasko) and Gracie (Tala x Blaz). He is a big, I mean BIG, male at 1.5 years. He is very sweet, social but there is alot of dog there. As he gets closer to social maturity and gains in bulk and confidence, he will be a strong deterrent for those looking for a nice family protection dog. He has had some basic obedience training but not significant protection training. He has not had any hip or elbow xrays though they can be done upon request. He is current on all vaccines and heartworm preventative. He has been neutered as well but was not done until after he reached a year of age.

  • Social, confident, outgoing
  • House Trained/House Dog
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Good with kids
  • NOT good with Cats or Small Dogs