• With Tom and Kathy
  • Daughter to Javir vom Talka Marda and G Asta van de Minfora VH3
  • Born 11/24/2007
  • Very intense female especially in bitework
  • Exceptional hunt drive and good ball/prey/food drives
  • Environmental confidence and Non-reactive.
  • Aloof but aware.
  • Good with other dogs (lives with poodles) ;-)Connie joined Sequoyah Shepherds in June of 2010. She is a medium to dark sable female with nice drives. She is a very well balanced female with good prey drive, nice civil side and an off switch that works. She is great around people and very trustworthy but she also takes her protection work very, VERY seriously. She is an extremely confident female and is good with other animals but, she does not allow others to bully her either.She came to us courtesy of Mike Suttles of Logan Haus Kennels. Connie has previously been tested with the special forces and past all of their tests. Connie has a phenomenal pedigree. She is the daughter of Javir vom Talka Marda. Her pedigree includes Troll, Timmy Nachbarschaft, Yoschy von der Dollenwiese, and Korbelbach.We could not be more pleased with Connie. She is the epitome of what a German Shepherd should be. She has now been RETIRED.A joy to work with, a pleasure to train, and a treasure to own! Her previous breedings are also demonstrating very nice hip scores and OFA normal elbows. We couldn’t be more pleased with her!Thanks again Mike!


  • V Karamel Anrebri and ZVV3 Connie Orthex (2nd Place WUSV) daughter
  • Granddaughter to Orry (WUSVx6) and Ellute


  • Currently in narcotic detection training
  • Sable female – nice pedigree
  • Exceptional hunt drive/tracking
  • Other drives very strong as well
  • Compact / Smaller Size female
  • Beautiful Healing


  • Good Drive
  • Big Boned, thick female.
  • Travels well
  • PennHip Scores in – Top 0%: She has the second best hips in the kennel.
  • She is outgoing and social – Enjoys Activity
  • She has been obedience trained and started on Protection Training
  • She is ready for her Family Obedience title


  • Daughter to Uny Milvel (Czech import) and Tom vom Haus Pixner (2005 World Competitor) puppy
  • A Beautiful Black Sable Female
  • OFA Excellent at nearly 6 years of age
  • Good Prey Drive and willing worker
  • Wants to please with a natural Suspicious Side
  • Strong Pedigree
  • Titled under SDA


    Tala is a DDR female with beautiful dark coloring. She is naturally protective with a bit of a suspicious side. She is a very quick learner and fun to work with. She took to protection training very quickly and loves to work with a nice balance between prey and civil. She is very sweet and has a fun personality but is very much my dog. Her loyalty is obvious. She loves to travel and travels well. The one thing that really stands out about Tala is her natural herding ability. Her mother was one of the true herders in Germany. In fact, it is my understanding that when she was purchased, she was herding sheep at that very time. Not many Shepherds still retain that great herding ability that they were originally bred for, but you can really see it in Tala. She herds the other dogs, the horses, and her personal favorites, the cats.
    Begins competing in 2010
    Will breed in 2010