River vom Sequoyah Haus –

  • Currently in Training/Competing with Shari Steven
  • Daughter to Cora and Cero Jivo
  • Black Female

Sig vom Sequoyah Haus –

  • Currently in Training/Competing with Sherle Thompson
  • Daughter to Savage and Arek vom Wedeme
  • Black Sable Female
  • Social, confident Female
  • Environmentally VERY stable

M vom Sequoyah Haus –

  • Currently in Training/Competing with Shari Steven
  • Born: June 19, 2016
  • Daughter to Mags and 2 x BSP Champion Bolle Ja Na Ka
  • Black and Tan Female
  • Will try to post some better pictures soon!

Nala – Nala vom Sequoyah Haus: 5 year old female –

Active Family Dog

Nala has been raised in a family home and was recently returned to Sequoyah. She has not been “protection trained but is a great “alert” dog – quick to let you know if there is anything unusual going on and confident enough to stand her ground. She is sweet dog who would make an excellent house dog but still very active. She is good with other dogs after being introduced – I am not sure if she is good with cats as I don’t think that she has ever been around them. We can test her with cats though (and will try to do that in the next week or so). She has been hip and elbow certified by OFA Hips: Good and OFA Elbows: Normal (AT 5 YEARS OF AGE). She has been obedience trained. She is approximately 72 pounds. She would make a great pet for an active family. She is social, but just suspicious enough not to “take up with just anybody”. Plays well with bigger dogs.

  • DOB: December 12, 2010
  • Sire: Ryker vom Sequoyah Haus
  • Son of Uny Milvel and World Competitor Tom vom Haus Pixner
  • Dam: Nelly Eurosportu
  • Social, confident, outgoing
  • House Trained
  • Basic Obedience trained
  • Good with kids
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: GOOD and NORMAL at 5 YEARS OF AGE.
  • Phone: 423-991-0979 or 423-774-2611

Indee – Sequoyah’s Indian Summer –

Obedience trained / Protection Alert Dog/ Housebroken

Indee is a very active, intense dog. Her obedience is good but she is strong willed. She is very much like her mother – tough, intense, and drivey with a confident disposition and outgoing personality. She loves a ball, loves to play. He has not been trained in personal protection but would serve as a good home protection dog, excellent ALERT dog. She has always been an indoor/outdoor dog and is housebroken. High energy but a nice “off” switch. Will be sold with restrictions/conditions.

  • 5 years old
  • House Trained
  • Basic Obedience trained
  • Intact Female
  • Social, confident and outgoing
  • Great with rabbits (not sure about cats) 🙂
  • Does not need to be with other females – thinks she is completely in charge.
  • Current on vaccines and Heartworm preventative

Daisy –

Family Protection Dog and Club level Sport Dog

Lighter sable female with saddle markings. Tigress v RossHaus / Wasko vom Eifelgrund daughter. 3 years old. Basic Obedience trained, Good ball drive. House-broken. Very devoted to family. Hips and elbows have been certified as exceptional – both PennHip and OFA have been done. Larger female with strong bone and nice head. NOT good with small dogs or cats.

Click here for more pictures.

Rogue – Male: 2 years old –

Active Family Dog/Personal Protection Prospect

Rogue is a son of Hollywood vom Sequoyah Haus. He is a high drive male with a very sweet disposition in a very active body. He loves to play ball and loves belly rubs just about equally. He has good basic obedience and a natural eager drive to learn personal protection. He will be VERY good at it. He has been introduced to much of the personal protection basics – has natural full, hard grips, lots of drive, and plenty of “want to” coupled with a confident disposition. He would make a great pet for an active family or a personal protection prospect. If we keep him for very long, we will start him on personal protection training as well. He has been hip and elbow xrayed and is out of a DM clear line.

  • DOB: December, 2013
  • Obedience Trained
  • House Trained
  • Good to Great Drives
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: Pending

Lync – Male: 2 years old –

Family Dog/Personal Protection

Lync is a son of Hollywood vom Sequoyah Haus. He is a medium drive male – social and very outgoing. Loves attention and is great with kids. Has only been around other large breed females but is especially good with them. He has been trained in both basic obedience and protection work. He has good, full, hard grips but is balanced and easy to live with. He would make an excellent family protection dog out on a farm or in a busy neighborhood. He has been hip and elbow certified and is current on vaccines.

Tora – 2 year old spayed female –

Now working as a Narcotics Certified K9 – Ohio

Tora is housebroken and basic obedience trained. She is a compact smaller female with good nerve, and nice drives. She has already been spayed. High energy, happy dog that loves to work but would also make a nice housedog for an active home.

  • Social, confident, outgoing
  • House Trained
  • Basic Obedience trained
  • Good with other dogs (has not been around cats)
  • Introduced to protection training – will alert on command

Maxx – Tigress son by Blaz von der Phillips Familie –

  • PennHips: Excellent –
  • Left 0.31 & Right 0.28 (Top 10% of the breed)
  • Elbow scores: Normal
  • House Trained
  • Basic Obedience training and introduction to Protection Training

Male, 1.75 years old (born 11/28/2012). Black and Tan. Very Active. Good with other dogs. Basic Obedience training and has also been introduced to protection training. He is very receptive to learning and takes to protection training quite well. Would make an excellent personal protection dog as well as a very active family member. Needs a household with no kids, preferably a single person household.

Laraido – Connie v. h. Polbeekkwartier and Wasko v. Eifelgrund son –

  • Out of DM Clear Female (has not be tested himself)
  • PennHip scores: Top 10%
  • Both parents in top Pennhips percentages

Male, 11 months old (born 6/26/2011). Medium Sable male. Smaller male and VERY athletic. Very Outgoing with Extremely solid nerve. He loves to play ball is VERY good with other dogs. He hasn’t been around cats much but I would be happy to cat test him. I don’t think that will be a problem – he is very animal friendly. He is good on all surfaces and with all types of people and environments. Water fanatic – loves it! He has very nice hunt drive (like his mother), and nice prey drive. He loves to travel and is very good in a crate. We have preliminary hip rads – PennHipped in the top 10% (0.31 in both hips) and should go OFA good or better. We will be more than happy to guarantee those.

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Gryff – Raven son by Tárnoki Felvigyazó Quamatz (Quasi) –

  • OFA Prelims: Good
  • Elbow scores: Normal
  • Can also provide PennHips if desired

Male, 21 months old (born 11/23/2010). Bicolor. Social, outgoing. Pack oriented – devoted to his own. Basic Obedience training. Loves to please.

Click here for more pictures.

Jake – Moira son by Joschi von der Eichendorfschule –

Now working as a certified Police K9 in GA .. Congratulations Jake!

  • OFA Prelims: Preliminaries – Good
  • Elbow scores: Pending
  • PennHips: Top 20% !!

Male, 18 months old (born 2/7/2011). Blanketed black/tan. Social, outgoing. Raised with kids. Basic Obedience training. Started in protection training. Good nerve. Will make excellent personal protection dog or more. Loves the ball and the tug. Good grips.

Alley — 11 month old female: (Basic Training Started) –

Now working the whole Southeast Area in bed bug detection work……Congratulations Alley!

Unspayed, energetic female – ball crazy. Has been started in basic obedience. Loves attention. Would make good SCH prospect or nice dog for a very active family. Crate trained. Loves people. Great with kids and other dogs. Not sure about cats…???

Very environmentally sound. Travels well but needs plenty of activity.

Jess –

Working homes VERY preferred

A sable female pup out of Moira vom Haus Hoengen and 3x World Competitor Irmus Galan Nalag. This is a repeat breeding from which we initially elected to keep 3 females. We have now narrowed it down to 2 and have elected to place this pup. She is very drivey and needs to be in an active home – probably with someone who has had at least some experience with working lines. She is very affectionate but prone to bite pant legs and play tug with your exposed arm. :-/ She has calm, hard grips too. Pushy, opinionated.

Mercy –

Working homes VERY preferred

A black female pup out of the Incah v. h. Groot Wezenland (KNPV lines) and Drago vom Patriot litter. Excellent drives. Solid nerves. Calm, hard grips. Pushy, opinionated. Nice, nice pup!

Ike –

a black and tan male pup out of Myst vom Sequoyah Haus and Blaz von der Phillips Familie

Ellie –

a black female pup out of Sequoyah’s Rayna vom Banach and Sequoyah’s Gran Patron

A fun loving, sweet, and outgoing pup with a winning personality! Confident. Good ball drive. Loves attention. Should be great in a family home, with kids, and with other animals. Very playful and amusing. Could also make great obedience, agility, or club level sport dog.

Booker –

a bicolor male pup out of Tala vom Linmarc and Blaz von der Phillips Familie

Active and outgoing pup. Interactive with people and other dogs. Social. Playful and affectionate. Would do well as a family companion / Personal protection / sport dog.

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Ulena –

Alline Globule and Irmus Galan Nalag pup (Rose Girl)

ADORABLE pup. Extremely photogenic too. 😉 Very Sweet and mischievous. Loves attention. Loves to play. Excellent family companion / Personal protection / Beginner sport.

Click here to see more pictures.

Tia –

Little D and Irmus Galan Nalag pup (Purple Collar Female)

Solid, confident pup showing good drives. Social. Outgoing. Excellent pedigree. Should be great sport or working prospect. Great disposition. This pup will be available after 6/29/12.

Toro –

Little D and Irmus Galan Nalag pup (Light Blue Collar Male)

Gorgeous Black sable Male. Solid, confident pup showing good drives. Social. Outgoing. Excellent pedigree. Should be great sport or working prospect. Great dispositions. This pup will be available after 6/29/12.

Reece –

Cora and Esko vom Klammeck male pup

16 weeks old. Large boned, solid nerve, great disposition. Good with other dogs/cats. Good prey drive but nice off switch. Possessive. Would make an excellent family dog / personal protection dog / sport prospect. Good grips. Social. Loves people/kids. Slick, short coated. Alert but easy going. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss this pup or possibly see some videos of him as well.