Aspen vom Sequoyah Haus

Aspen (FO, PD1, PD2 w/ Honors)

  • Currently in Training at Sequoyah
  • Connie V. H. Polbeekkwartier / Drago vom Patriot Puppy
  • Black Female
  • Confident and Drivey
  • Calm grips
  • Excellent on all surfaces, heights, etc.

Cora z Chodského království

Cora z Chodského království (AD, BH, FO, P3, PD1, IPO2)

  • V Karamel Anrebri and ZVV3 Connie Orthex (2nd Place WUSV) daughter
  • Granddaughter to Orry (WUSVx6) and Ellute

Eymi z udoli Upy

  • Currently in Training under Kathy and Tom Cawood
  • Bicolor Female
  • Solid, Strong Drives
  • Good with other animals
  • Great in the house – quiet when kenneled

WildFire vom Sequoyah Haus – “Flame”

Flame (FO, P1 – High in Ob/High Protection/High in Trial)

  • Moira vom Haus Hoengen / Irmus Galan Nalag Puppy
  • Born September 22nd, 2012
  • Sable Female
  • Social and Outgoing
  • Showing nice, strong drives
  • Confident and a willing learner
  • Excellent on all surfaces, heights, etc.
  • More pictures and Updates to come

Gypsy vom Sequoyah Haus

  • Currently in Training at Sequoyah under Sherle Thompson
  • Moira vom Haus Hoengen / Wasko vom Eifelgrund daughter
  • Born 8/11/13
  • Sable Female
  • More Updates, videos, and pedigree info to come

Incah v.h. Groot Wezenland

Incah v.h. Groot Wezenland (FO, P1, PD1, Narcotics Certified)

  • Currently in narcotic detection training
  • Sable female – nice pedigree
  • Exceptional hunt drive/tracking
  • Other drives very strong as well
  • Compact / Smaller Size female
  • Beautiful Healing

Katastrophe vom Sequoyahhaus

  • Daughter to Uny Milvel (Czech import) and Ozzy Barnero (WUSV Comp)
  • Trained under Marah
  • Beautiful Dark Sable Female
  • Uny / Ozzy Puppy: Born March 5th, 2011
  • Very Environmental Sound
  • Nice drives – Balanced with a suspicious side

LaBella vom Sequoyah Haus

  • Daughter to Sequoyah’s Savage Reign and Hollywood vom Sequoyah Haus
  • Black female
  • Calm female with steady drives and clear head
  • Very good hip and elbow scores
  • Good with other dogs
  • Environmentally sound with minimal suspicion
  • Non-reactive

M vom Sequoyah Haus

  • Currently in Training/Competing with Shari Steven
  • Born: June 19, 2016
  • Daughter to Mags and 2 x BSP Champion Bolle Ja Na Ka
  • Black and Tan Female
  • Will try to post some better pictures soon!

Magnhilde vom Sequoyahaus

  • Tigress von RossHaus and Wasko vom Eifelgrund – born 12/17/09
  • Her lines on both Top and Bottom brings strong orthopedics
  • PennHip Scores in – Top 0%: She has the second best hips in the kennel. Second to only her own mother (Tigress) and Argo vom Sequoyah Haus
  • Good Drive
  • Big Boned, thick female.
  • Easy Personality
  • She is outgoing and social – Enjoys Activity
  • Competed under SDA (WDA)

Moira vom Haus Hoengen

  • Moira vom Haus Hoengen (BH, FO, P1, PD1)
    • With Sherle
    • Daughter to V Karn vom Fegelhof Sch3 and SG Bloody vom Golsberger Hof Sch3, IPO3
    • Born 1/22/2008
    • Heavy Boned Dark Sable female
    • Great grips
    • Very nice balanced Drives
    • Great with kids, small children
    • Solid Nerves and trustworthy
    • Good with all people but will turn on well. Serious protection work.
    • West German lines

    Pearl vom Sequoyah Haus

    • Currently in Training/Competing with Katherine Owen
    • Daughter to Dolores Sovi mlyn and Argo vom Sequoyah Haus
    • Sable Female
    • Excellent Drives
    • Social Female
    • Excellent Hips

    Quilla vom Sequoyah Haus

    • Currently in Training at Sequoyah under Marah Steven
    • Katastrophe vom Sequoyah Haus / Barry vom Casa Arado Son
    • a

    • Born 5/6/14
    • Sable Female
    • Good Ball drive
    • Superb Focus
    • Loves to work – wants to please
    • Quick to learn
    • Nice “off” switch – very easy to live with
    • Good with other dogs
    • Excellent food drive
    • More Updates, videos, and pedigree info to come

    Tala vom Linmarc

    • With Sherle Thompson
    • Daughter to Arko v Zwickauer Marksteig Sch3 and Eicke vom Haus Kind Sch1
    • DDR lines Gorgeous Black Sable
    • Loyal, compliant personality with natural suspicious side
    • Friendly disposition but aloof tendencies – typical classic GSD personality
    • Strong herding lines – granddaughter to Germany National Herding Champion (HGH)
    • Loves water
    • Flashy healing
    • Strong, healthy lines