Heading off to another Trial! (6/9/08):

Well, we have another trial coming up this week. Judge, Uny, Vendetta and Turbo will all be heading to Kalamazoo, MI for the UKC Premier on June 13th – 15th of this year. Last year Raven got a chance to compete and she came back with her Family Obedience title. Now it’s their turn! Judge will be competing for a better score on his Protection Dog 1 title (he already won this title last month but is going for a chance to improve his scores) and he is also going after his first Police Dog title. Uny will also be competing for both her P1 title and her first Police Dog title. Vendetta will be going after her Family Obedience title and has just turned 1 year old (5 days ago as a matter of fact). She is now old enough to compete for her Protection Alert title as well. Turbo turned 1 year in March and is not quite old enough to compete for his P1 protection but may go after his P1 obedience title. (He has already achieved both his Family Obedience title as well as his Protection Alert title.) Stay tuned for the outcome of the UKC Premier!

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