Trained with Sherle Thompson

About Tala: –

Tala is a DDR female with beautiful dark coloring. She is naturally protective with a bit of a suspicious side. She is a very quick learner and fun to work with. She took to protection training very quickly and loves to work with a nice balance between prey and civil. She is very sweet and has a fun personality but is very much my dog. Her loyalty is obvious. She loves to travel and travels well. The one thing that really stands out about Tala is her natural herding ability. Her mother was one of the true herders in Germany. In fact, it is my understanding that when she was purchased, she was herding sheep at that very time. Not many Shepherds still retain that great herding ability that they were originally bred for, but you can really see it in Tala. She herds the other dogs, the horses, and her personal favorites, the cats.

Tala is the family clown. She has personality galore! When she goes through the McDonald’s drive-thru she does she “mean-face” (shows her teeth) so she can have a french fry. It is hysterical! She has tons of drive and grit but her real claim to fame is her phenomenal herding instinct. She comes by it naturally too; her mother was herding sheep in Germany when she was purchased. She has natural self-confidence and a pleasing disposition but she can also get serious too. Tala comes from the Von Linmarc Kennel in Florida

Previously competed and breeded in 2010.

  • With Sherle Thompson
  • Daughter to Arko v Zwickauer Marksteig Sch3 and Eicke vom Haus Kind Sch1
  • DDR lines Gorgeous Black Sable
  • Loyal, compliant personality with natural suspicious side
  • Friendly disposition but aloof tendencies – typical classic GSD personality
  • Strong herding lines – granddaughter to Germany National Herding Champion (HGH)
  • Loves water
  • Flashy healing
  • Strong, healthy lines

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