V Uny Milvel  (ZM, ZVV1, CGC, FO, PA, P1, P2, P3, PD1, KKL1)

  • With Shari
  • Born 9/12/02 – Beautiful Black Sable Czech Female
  • Nice blocky head – very nice bone with exceptional conformation
  • Classic GSD personality – Calm, aloof with strangers, protective without aggressive
  • Dependable with clear on and off switch.
  • Loyal companion

Sequoyah’s UNY MILVEL is the 1st female to ever hold the SDA P3 title!! In April of 2010, Shari put the first SDA P3 title on a female – Sequoyah’s very own Uny Milvel.

Breed Survey: Czech breed survey 5V1/P
Hips: (bonitacni) hips a(1/0) elbows 0/0,
Color: Black Sable
Date of birth: 9-12-2002

AKC DN08578802
Tattoo-Nr. 88603

Height: 24 inches
Weight: 65 pounds

Scores / Titles:

  • Add your content…ZM (49-43-50) – (maximum 50 points at this title, so she
  • has “excellent” this title.)
  • ZVV1 (99-74-95)

Uny is very good looking female. She has very rich dark sable color with a strong expressive head. Good over and under lines and fully developed chest. Extremely strong bones (see the thickness of the front legs). Uny is a female with the high temperament, alert and attentive, not stubborn. She has very nice civil aggression and exhibits rock solid nerves in her natural ability to grip full and hard with very quick strikes to the sleeve. She launches fast and hard on the courage test with an excellent score of 95 in protection. Uny has extreme drive for tracking.

Pedigree Lines: Uny comes from a well-known working line pedigree.

Her Grandfathers are:

  • TOM Z POHRANICNI STRAZE – super working police dog. He is now one of the best Czech stud males.
  • Xero z Pohranicni Straze – (SCHH3 IPO3)- super stud male in USA

Her great Grandfathers are:

  • Velmi Dobry CONDOR AN – SAT (ZVV3, IPO3, ZM Kkl 2)
  • SG GRIM z Pohraniční stráže CS (WUSV 1997, IPO3, SCHH3, ZM, ZVV3, ZPS1)

Other dogs in her line worth mentioning:

  • Fero v. Zeuterner Himmelreich
  • Ronda v. Stauderplath,
  • SG Baron z Pohraniční stráže CS (ZM, IPO3, SCHH3, ZV2, OP1 Kkl 1) – also in USA
  • Abbe z Ansy (UMS WUSV, ZM, ZVV2, IPO3, SCHH3)