My eyes are your eyes, to watch you and to protect you and yours,
My ears are your ears, to hear and detect evil minds in the dark,
My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of your domain,
And so you may live, my life is also yours.


Personal protection is a concept that has become very popular in this day and age of robberies, home invasions, car-jackings, kidnappings, and other violent crimes. When you ask someone what personal protection means, you are likely to get a whole range of answers including owning a handgun, becoming proficient in martial arts, or installing elaborate security systems.

Do these measures work? In some cases they might. However, statistics show that even the most complex security system can be bypassed. And, how many times have you read about a child finding a handgun that was kept in the house, and tragically hurting himself or a young playmate? Most people in law enforcement will tell you that, in addition to being a safety risk, many victims often have had their own weapons used against them.

However, the owner of a trained personal protection dog not only has a loyal and completely obedient companion but also a personal security system that can not be “bypassed” or “used against them”. That same lovable pet who plays with the children and lies peacefully at your feet, will, at a single command, become protective and willing to put himself in harm’s way for the sake of his family. A potential attacker would think twice before tackling such an opponent.

A well-trained protection dog will protect your house or family with a determination that no human can ever equal.

Before deciding that you would like to start personal protection training for your dog, there are a few things to consider:

  • What Level of Training Do You Need?
  • Is your Dog Qualified for Training and are You Qualified?

Personal protection dogs must be chosen well and properly trained in order to be successful. It takes patience, perseverance, and discipline in order for these personal protection dogs to accept the responsibility of protecting. When he does though, he will not protect out of fear or anger, he will protect because he has been commanded to protect. Most people hope that if challenged, their dog would protect them. That assumption isn’t always true. Training for any situation is the only way to know for sure. There is nothing like the secure feeling that a trained personal protection dog can give you and your family. And, in the face of a threat, instead of having to see for yourself if the threat is gone, a well trained protection dog and be the buffer you need to keep yourself and your family safe. Ask any soldier who has had the privilege of working with a trained K9 – they can see movement better, they can respond faster, they can hear the slight noises when you may never be aware, and they can smell danger approaching often even before you can even see it. When put to the test, there is no guessing about what he will do and you will find yourself with real peace of mind.

Please read the following article on Protection training before deciding to undertake it ….. Personal Protection Dogs

What we offer:

Protection Training – 6 months of age and up (who have already passed their basic obedience course)
There are different levels of protection training. Each person has to determine what level of training will be appropriate for his or her situation and family. Each person’s self protection needs are different as is each dog’s ability to protect. If you are interested in your dog attending our protection classes, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to consult with you about training. Each dog must be evaluated before being accepted as a candidate for Sequoyah’s Protection Program.

Basic Introduction into Protection training for young dogs — With young dogs, we offer a beginner course that instructs them on proper gripping techniques. We practice “drive building” exercises and teach them to alert on command. These will all be fun “games” that they will learn and truly enjoy. There will be no “threats” to the dog and we will leave them eager for more training. This class basically lays the ground work for future training. It will help improve your dogs understanding of what we will be asking for later and will reduce the amount of time needed for the next steps in advanced training.

Level 1 – Protection Alert Training — This training is offered to dogs AT LEAST 9 months of age or older. With a Level 1 training we will teach your dog to alert on command to a “threat”. They will learn to keep themselves between you and the threat and stay forward at the end of the lead, barking aggressively. You will be able to alert them if you feel threatened by an approaching person and will be able to call them back off when the threat is gone. They will be taught the basics of deterring a would be attacker without actually teaching the “bite”. For most people, this level of training is ideal. The dogs will look serious and threatening enough that most assailants don’t stick around long enough to decided if your dog is for real.

Level 2 – Basic Protection Dog — (offered with advanced obedience dogs – they must also learn off lead obedience.) This is the next step in Protection Dog training. This level will expand on what the dogs learn in the Level 1 class exposing them to a variety of “bad guys” and adding in potential threat scenarios — for example ATM robbery, personal assault, or mugging. These dogs will be taught to follow through with the bite if the “attacker” is not deterred in the face of the aggressive barking.

Level 3 – Advanced Protection Dog – Now we come to the dogs that can be used for serious protection. These dogs will be able to function in both obedience and protection completely off lead. They will free heel off lead next to their owner. They must be able to hold a down for a minimum of 3-5 minutes out of sight of their owner. They will be able to be called off a would-be-attacker at a distance of 10 feet. They should be able to perform their duties even under gun-fire (blanks, of course) and on all types of surfaces (slick floors, moving debris, etc.). These dogs have the courage, the drive and the training to stop even aggressive humans. They will be exposed to all levels of advanced scenarios – kidnapping, muggings, atm attacks, jump out attacks, home invasions, etc. This is a very advanced training course and only certain dogs will be accepted into this program. If requested, we will also title your dog in one of the working dog programs – Schutzhund, SDA, IPO, etc.

Whatever level of training you chose to take your dog to, it must be emphasized that you must also acquire the special training necessary to effectively control and use that weapon properly.