Hey Sherle~

I just wanted to let you know how Jaeger is doing. He had his check up yesterday with the vet and passed with flying colors except for a very small umbilical hernia which he feels will seal itself. Leyna also has had one since being a pup and it never was a problem.

He has been a delight and learns very quickly. Leyna now plays with him and it wears him down to where he falls over and sleeps. One question that I had was if I would like to have him participate in protection, tracking or some type of competition what is the best approach in finding a place with credentials?

I included some photos of him in his new digs.


Update: 1-23-11

He is doing quite well with commands just in a goofy stage! He loves people and learns very quickly he is quite clever in outsmarting Leyna at times. I have been trying to find a decent training center just so he can be around other dogs but most seem pretty wimpy but I am still investigating. He walks on leash very well and when seeing other dogs is very curious but does not act like an idiot aggressively just some playful barking as an invitation.

His bone structure is quite thick and remains a trim physique he does not appear overweight whatsoever just very solid muscle tone. I do not like dogs with too much weight on them. The vet made a comment on how large his teeth were! Harry and I thought they looked pretty large to us too.

Thanks for the feeding recommendation I like feeding twice daily too.

I did forget to ask you on his American Kennel Club naming part what is his first letter of his name suppose to begin with?? I had misplaced the papers when we moved and finally found them.

Thanks so much ~Kathe


From Uny and Quasi 7/18/2010: “Xena”

Just wanted to let you know that we made it home with Xena. She has been a good little girl since she got home. She is so stable with noises from the vacuum cleaner, go karts, school buses and people hammering and sawing. Her social skills are excellent to be only seven and a half weeks old. Our kids love her so much! Tonight is the first night she has not fussed in her crate (Day 5). She also starts her first private puppy lesson this Sunday. We will keep you updated on her progress.


Mike and Samantha B


Update: 9-24-10


Update: 1-9-11


Update: 3-21-11



From Uny and Quasi 7/18/2010: “Killian”

Hey Sherle,

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of our little man, Killian. We had a three and a half hour drive home ahead of us when we left you guys. I was worried he would wine but he did really good. He was a little upset for about 20 mins but he settled in. Its was a good drive. The first few nights in our kennel were pretty rough to start but now he gets upset if I don’t put him in his kennel when it’s “bedtime”. He is a quick and very sharp. He has already picked up sit and come, and he is running around chasing my lab and does everything she does. Poor Jazz just thinks of him as an annoying little brother. He has bonded really well to our cat, Binx, and he just tags along with him too. Since they are the same size he just loves it! They just tease the stuff out of each other. He also loves our two year old, Elizabeth, He just runs after her and pulls on her clothes and if she is on the floor, it’s on! Haha, He just loves to lick and nip at her. She runs up and kisses him too all the time. He is just fitting right in and everybody who has met him just loves him! Can’t wait to send you more pictures as he gets bigger!

-Victoria W



Update: 2-7-11

Hey Sherle,

I wanted to send you an update on our amazing boy, Killian. We have been so blessed to have Killian become part of our family. I have to admit, you know we waited a long time, and researched a lot about what to expect with GSD’s, but Killian is above and beyond any book or any website could have prepared us for. I know everybody says they have the smartest cutest dog in the world, but I swear, we really do! Haha. Killian is smart as a whip, he picks up the things we teach him in five minutes time. You can just look into his eyes and SEE him processing things, it’s quite amazing. Also, not one person can walk up to him without commenting on his amazingly good looks. <3 Our handsome boy! We've had ONE unexpected visit to the vet with him, thank you so much for answering our calls and getting back to us and helping guide us down the path of getting him healed. Thankfully, he has healed, and it has not reoccurred since. Even though, he has chewed through SO MUCH stuff, his toys, one of my shoes, his knuckles, he just loves to work his jaw. He does that even more so just talking to us. Its so funny, occasionally he "back talks" us, and we have to bite our tongue from laughing. Some days I think he is just preparing me for when Elizabeth hits her preteen years. He has grown so fast, it's remarkable to look at his puppy pictures and see how far he has come. I only have you to thank. I can't wait to come down and work with him with you guys, and have him see you guys again, hopefully see Uny again. Killian really has brought us joy, he makes my days easier when Josh is gone. He makes me feel safer, loved, and just fills an empty spot. It was only a few weeks after we got Killian that we lost our domestic short hair, Binx, which was really hard, he had been with our family for almost six years. It was a relief that Binx and Killian just got along so well, which made it that much harder. I spent a lot of days and nights holding Killian, having him help me through that loss. He was really tuned into what had happened, and what we needed as a family from him, his love, and hugs, and very sloppy kisses. I just wanted to say thank you once again, from the bottom of our hearts. Killian came into our lives at the most perfect time. I can't wait to thank you again in person. I've sent you some of my favorite pictures of our big boy ....... Hope you enjoy!! Victoria W. [ezcol_1third][/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third][/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end][/ezcol_1third_end]

From Uny and Quasi 7/18/2010: “Evie”

I just wanted to send you a note about about Evie and what a great puppy she is. She really is more than we could have expected. She is very smart and doing well in obedience training. Her appetite and energy are limitless and so far she has liked every person or other dog she has met. Today my wife, who loves Evie to death, got her a blanket so they can sit on the couch and nap or watch TV together.

Thanks for the wonderful puppy,

Claude, Debbie and Evie


From Uny and Quasi 7/18/2010: “Sasha”

Hello Sherle,
I thought you might want to see pictures of a snow dog.

Sasha is a great puppy. She is happy here and we are happy with her!


Michael and Lisa