From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Aldo

Hi Sherle,

Wanted to send pics of the boy…he has doubled in size in 4 weeks and you can still see those ribs. We are having so much fun with him and he is still such a crowd pleaser @ the Biltmore Estate. Professional photographers were there last Sunday taking wedding pictures and they all had to add him to their portfolio pics…should have charged them and made him some money to buy new toys.

How did the demo go with Judge? Would love to have seen the 2 of you working together. Maybe on video?? I know you have your hands busy with Ravens new pups…she and Uny don’t mess around with small litters do they? Take care…hope to get back your way in the future so you can see this little big guy. We really are pleased with him and you did a great job matching us up to the BOY of our dreams.

Sarah, Doug, and Aldo

Update 12/20/09:

Hi Sherle,

What can I say but thank you. Aldo is everything I was looking for in a companion dog. Wanted to send you these pictures so you can see that he is equally comfortable on the field or being
adored by children. He was especially fond of the little girl in pink, lots of kisses for her. Again, a huge thanks for such a well balanced dog.


From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Anaya

Sherle / Shari,

I thought I would give you another brief update, please let me know if you find them helpful. I know this is the 1st time you paired Uny with Dierk. If there is any other information I can help with, let me know. It certainly doesn’t bother me, I love talking about Anaya. Anyway, things are really starting to get fun with Anaya. Her potty training and crate training are going very well. I even get a full nights sleep now ……… yeah!

Training is going well. Our trainer continues to comment on how smart she is and that she is just a “sponge” for learning. She believes her to be quite a special dog. She also comments on both her structure and temperament. She has a beautiful gait and loves people. We get comments from literally everyone what a beautiful girl she is and they typically add “and you didn’t get her from around here, did you?”

Here’s a few updated pictures (where did the puppy go?).

Update 12/22/08

Update 6/8/09:

Hi Sherle,

Thought I’d give you a brief update on Anaya. Things are going quite well. She continues to be a lot of fun and just loves people.

Training is also going well. Currently, we are working on tracking. She is doing much better than her handler 🙂 My trainer says she’s a natural !

Hope things are going well with you all there. Thanks again for the beautiful dogs you provide to so many people.

Update 11/11/09:

From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Pharoah

From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Gunnar

From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Eiko

Update 6/7/09:

Update 8/2/09:

Update 8/28/09:

Update 1/31/10:

From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Jack

Dr. Sherle,

Here are some recent pictures of Jack (Sequoyah’s Cowboy Tough) at 20 weeks old. Jack is out of Uny & Dierks’ last litter born July 18, 2008. Jack is a very sweet, happy & funny guy, who loves playing with his 2 other GSD housemates.He is very social and is fast becoming our horseshow mascot. At almost 50 lbs, Jack is all feet and ears!! I couldn’t be happier with this wonderful pup! House training was a breeze and he is doing really good with his basic commands. He even tries to follow his big sister thru an agility course.

I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Thank you again for the opportunity to raise this wonderful dog!

Michelle Brooks

From Uny and Dierk 7/18/08: Harley