Tigress had puppies on 12/17/09 – 4 girls and 3 boys!

Their previous litter was a very nice litter. For those who love the classical black and tan look, they will definitely produce it. The puppies were very outgoing, social, and solid in their dispositions. One of them is currently serving as a cadaver dog in training, others are hoping to pass the muster for search and rescue, and even others are serving as family companions/protectors. Out of this next breeding, we will be keeping a puppy to add to the Sequoyah family as well.

From Tigress and Wasko 12/17/09:

Update: 3-29-10

My wife and I both want to thank you again. She has been a handful but is doing excellent. Just the other day she found her big girl bark and scared herself a little bit. Her and Kahlua love going out in the back yard and running laps. She got weighed at 3 months and was 30 lbs. We will send you some more pictures when she grows up some more.
Thanks again.

Paul and Amie

From Tigress and Wasko 12/17/09: Sulley

Update: Picture taken at 14 weeks

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that Sulley is doing great! The ride on the way home, Sulley did great, he just sit or slept on my lap or appeared to be looking at big trucks and road signs all the way home and we were even stuck in 1 1/2 of traffic because of a wreck on 75,,, he was very calm. When we got home he cried/yelped (sounded like he was speaking Japanese a time or two all night,,, Saturday night was some of the same. Starting Sunday night he only cries when he needs to go outside. We are doing crate training and he has only had 2 accidents in a week. His personality is a lot of fun,,,, lots of energy and believe or not very ball driven. I think if the temperament test was done on another day it would have had different results. He is a fireball,,,, runs after my lab,,, actually makes him move out of his crate, so he can lay in it ,, he jumps extremely high. He is hilarious. One night he was running after our lab and jumped up into the air and landed into his dog water dish,,, just got out and started running again. I laughed so hard I cried. He is already running/up all our steps about 12. Likes to play tug. Again lots of fun. We starting puppy obedience on 3/18. Did Shari get the picture I sent to her phone? Well take care. I’ll keep you updated.

Lisa and David Moore

From Tigress and Wasko 12/17/09: Daisy

Update: Picture taken on her 1 year birthday!

Dr. Thompson –
We just wanted to share a birthday picture of our 70 pound baby with you 🙂 What a fun year it has been! Daisy is very athletic, loves to ride in the car, and lives to chase the ball! We look forward to
seeing how her hips x-ray 🙂 We would love to see any pics you have of her litter mates- if you have any. Thank you so much for our sweet girl – DeAnna

From Tigress and Wasko 12/17/09: Macey

Update: 12-21-12

I am so happy with my german shepherd, Macey. She is truly the best companion I’ve ever had; waking up to her big black nose in my face is one of the best things I could wake up to. We celebrated her 3rd birthday on Dec 17th with taking her with us to get a Christmas tree, a hundred new tennis balls for her to play with, and being fussed over all day. Countless times we have said that she was the best investment we have ever made- she protects, loves, and entertains us more than we ever thought she would. With her energy level, she keeps me exercising daily and with that we meet people in our neighborhood that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. She definitely has her “pack” which includes my family, a few of my friends, and every child. This summer one of my classmates was surprised when Macey obeyed his 3yr old sister’s command to “sit.” You have trained them extremely well and we are forever grateful. Merry Christmas and God Bless!