Tigress v RossHaus was bred with Blaz von der Phillips Familie


Hey Sherle, Shari

I am writing to give you a status update on Talon. Overall we are very happy with him. He has demonstrated to be an extremely smart dog. He is obedient, 90% house trained, started to show protective nature, but friendly at the same time with people we show they are friends, playful, etc. He has been outstanding.

I took him to the Vet this saturday, the contact information of the local vet is….

….I attach some pictures of his life, I think he is a very happy dog 🙂 He has an indoor pen, and outdoor 10×10″ pen and a fenced yard. He sleeps inside at night and during the day I both let him roam free ( most of the time supervised) in the yard and also let him inside the pen, so that he gets used to both. the only small issue I have is that there are little rocks around the house and he is constantly trying to fetch them and chew them. I am paranoid about this, I am constantly having to go out to check to see if he is chewing on this and many times have to go and take them out of his mouth……

Thanks again and best regards to you both