Amos is doing great and still has my wife wrapped around his paw!!! He has some much energy that sometimes I forget how old he really is. He really is a big lap dog when my wife is around. He stays within about 2’ of her when she is around the house. He is about 80 lbs and solid muscle. I think he would have been an excellent work dog but my wife just could not part with him long enough to teach him some manners. His ball drive is so strong – that is all he wants to everyday, all day. He continues to insist on your undivided attention and play ball non stop.

From Rio and Dax 6/2004: “LAYNE”

Just sending you a new photo of Laynie. I had the mule in the front yard doing some yard work. Both Tori and Laynie love to ride around in the mule. They would sit there all day if I let them. I called this 2 ladies on a Sunday drive.