Rayna vom Banach was bred with Sequoyah’s Gran Patron

I’d like to thank both you and Shari for introducing us to the newest member of our fam
ily. She was pink girl to you, but she’s Yashika Oswin Vom Sequoyah Haus or Oswin for short to us. She has already made herself quite at home and has spent most of her time sleeping at my feet. She has a bit of a curious aversion to our vinyl floor but other than that seems to love running around. The squeaky tennis ball has already become our fetch toy and when Oswin isn’t ferrying back to me from wherever I’ve tossed it, our cat Zoe is batting it about. Hopefully the two of them will play fetch together, but that may be a bridge too far. Introducing Oswin to Jessica’s grown shepherd Riley was an opportunity to see just how confident little Oswin is. She showed her belly
right away, but never shied away from her and was quick to…cuddle up. She already has such a wonderful personality and we’re looking very forward to growing with her. I’ve attached a few photos and I’m sure I’ll add more as she grows up.

Thank you very much once again!