From Raven and Logan 3/07: “TURBO”

I wanted to share with you a photo story/video of Turbo. I also wanted to let you know how pleased I am with him. He is definitely what I was looking for in a German Shepherd. At the young age of 6 months, he has tremendous drive and is turning into a great working dog already! I know that he will become a top performing sport dog in the competitive obedience ring and protection ring. I will begin competing with him in these two venues in the Spring of ’08 at the Service Dogs of America trial. Turbo also has the great temperament that I was looking for in a dog – he is the Total Package! Sherle, thanks again for helping me to select just the right puppy for me. Enjoy!

Tom Cawood

From Raven and Logan 3/07: Willie Bear

Dear Sherle,
You might have already guessed, we are in love with Willie Bear. He really does sometimes just sit when we are walking him until we call and make a big fuss about him, then he comes running (with a smile on his face) He has one ear up and looks very cute. He is getting along great with the other dogs, but Willie is still sleeping in the house. He is extremly smart and cuddly, sits beautifully, try to get tangled up in our feet, doesn’t mess in his inside crate. We are reading the book about puppies written by the Monks of Skete, very interesting. I’ll send you some pictures soon of Willie. Thank you for raising a great puppy.


From Raven and Logan 3/07: Izzy Pop

Dr. Sherle,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how happy we are with our puppy. Michelle named her Izzy Pop and I will be sending in her registration this week. Izzy and Gravy, our black lab, are already getting along great. She seems to have made a very smooth transition and is a very quick learner. We have already fallen in love with her, and could not imagine her not being a part of our family. Thank you so much for everything. We look forward to hearing from you in the future. I attached some pictures we have taken of her. I will continue to send more to you.

Thanks again,


Update: 5/19/08:

Just wanted to show you how much she has grown up. She is a gorgeous dog. It is amazing how easy she has been to train. She is so eager to please. Her athleticism is also incredible. She can jump so high with no effort at all. She truly is exactly what we hoped for.

Thank you so much.


From Raven and Logan 3/07: RUDY

Hi Sherle,
I want to let you how much I love my little Rudy and to thank you for him. So far he’s been doing GREAT. House training is going VERY well (thank you so much for all the preliminary work you’ve done). I’ve been getting a pretty good night’s sleep the past couple nights, which I didn’t expect. He’s also doing well with the kitties, although he displays a strong desire to PLAY with them, which is cute to me but scary to them. When he’s sleeping they get close to him to investigate. I think with time they’re going to be great friends.

Rudy is getting used to wearing a collar and leash and today we’re going to go for a short car ride and a short walk at Stone Mountain. I’ll send you pictures soon.

Thanks again, you obviously did a lot of good socializing and work with the puppies.


Update: 7/23/07:

Hi Sherle,
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve sent you pictures of my Rudy. He continues to do great and I continue to fall more and more in love with him. We started regular obedience classes a few weeks ago and he does great. He continues to learn the rules of the house and he’s learning that if he relaxes around the kitties they’ll actually play with him. His favorite treats are ice cubes and tomatoes that he eats right off my plants in the yard (I think he likes the thrill of picking them more than the taste of them)…but he’d certainly never pass up a biscuit or meaty treat!! He’s growing so fast and he already lost his first canine tooth on Sunday.

We found a great park very close to home that has trails and a lake that he can swim in and we often meet lots of other dogs and people (he loves to meet other dogs). I took him there the other night for a walk and since it was raining a little bit and no one was around, I took him over to explore the playground equipment. I encouraged him to walk through the “tunnel” and then he slid down the slide. It was hilarious. Of course, then he wanted to do it over and over again and now when he sees playground equipment he wants to play on it (which of course, isn’t possible when there are human children playing!). I think after our obedience classes I might try agility with him…probably nothing competitive but I think it’s something we’d both enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Cathy and Rudy

Update: 5/28/08:

Update: 6/10/10:

From Raven and Logan 3/07: Tindra

Dear Sherle,
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with Tindra. She is everything I expected and more! She is over the top intelligent and has incredible drive. We have been taking her everywhere with us and she has performed beautifully. Knowing our plans for our new puppy you did a wonderful job helping us pick just the right one. We begin formal training soon and I have very high expectations for her. I will try to remember to start toting the camera with me everywhere so I can send you more pictures.

By the way—-I know I am prejudiced, but she is beautiful! I love the rough coat!!!

Thanks for everything!
Anne and James Pettepher

Update: 6/10/08:

I wanted you to see Tindra’s Penn Hip scores. You know after having two other shepherds with terrible joints how thrilled I am to finally have such a healthy dog. Watching her run and jump without worrying about her hips is truly a joy.

I am also attaching a new picture of the girls. I have had several comments about their athleticism and excellent temperament. We are going to try agility this summer and think “the girls” are really going to enjoy it.

More soon!
Anne Pettepher