From Raven and Logan 11/04: “BECKHAM”

For Sherle:

Hi Sherle,

Just want to update you with Beckham. He is a wonderful dog and companion. He is just past 2 year of age and is perfectly trained and behaved. His reason for life is chasing the ball and frisbee. He is not aggressive and ignores other dogs and people. He condescends to be petted by neighbors and gets along with kids very well. and is a fine owner of two cats. He is an apartment dog and is content to protect it and allow people in with my permission. He could not be a better dog in temperament and deportment. I feel so lucky to have found him.. He doesn’t seem to have any physical problems. Nor any psychological ones…… He is a fine dog and I
feel lucky to have him.



For Everyone else:

I would like to tell you and everybody how pleased I am with Beckham. From the time I brought him home He has presented no problems, has demonstrated his loyalty and eagerness to learn and his complete trustworthiness in crowds and around people and children. I live in an apartment complex and he has been a good citizen playing with the neighborhood kids and showing off his intense ball drive and athletic ability. As important as genes, the attention, interest, and care Sherle has shown after I got Beckham, has been superlative. I am in the process of buying a second pup, a full sister to Beckham from her and I would highly recommend her as a breeder and consultant for any of your German Shepherd questions and/or needs!

Jim Gale C.M.E.T.