From Raven and Judge 11/8/07: Lucas

Ms Sherle

Hello this is me Lucas( Jonesy) on my 1st B’day.

I’m celebrating at the park doing some of my favorite activities sliding down the slides and chasing my flippy flopper. I will take part in some tasty treats from the “Three Dog Bakery” this evening.

Love my family!

Hey guys. He’s gotten so big. We think we are lovin’ him big just like Clifford the big red dog.

He is so good.

We are all well.

Thank you guys for a great friend!
The Alexander Family

Update 11-11-09:

From Raven and Judge 11/8/07: Zena

Hi Sherle,

We just wanted to email you to let you know how Zena is doing. We have found a Search and Rescue group here in East Tennessee and we have been working with them and Zena is loving it! The group is TN-SRT-A and we have really enjoyed working with them and learning all sorts of new and neat things. Zena’s coloring is changing, she is starting to have a lot of light brown under her black coat and from pictures you have of Raven, Zena may start looking somewhat like her when she is full grown vice so black. She is a mess and definitely high energy!! We wouldn’t trade her for anything!!

We also wanted to know if it was possible to have Zena’s hips x-rayed to see what they look like and what her score is, of course that is if you still want to do it. We would be willing to come down whenever your schedule would be available.

Hope things have been going good for you and the business.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Tammy & Allen Summerall

From Raven and Judge 11/8/07: Molly Mae

Update 11-11-08: