From Raven and Dierk 4/15/09: “Beschutzer” aka “Bess”

Hey Doc,

All is well here, currently we are back in Florida and have the kids home for Christmas so we are all excited about that. Bes is fine and is behaving very well for a young lady with lots of energy. She worked with a trainer in Florida we knew and has done well with the basics, she is scary smart and her eye contact is amazing. Health is real good and we walk a lot and I swear I can’t fed the dog enough and she remains trim. As far as the protection she is just coming into that or I hope, right now she loves anybody and everybody and everyone loves her back and they go on telling her how beautiful she is (which she is). If someone comes in to the yard unannounced than she is all over it, through the front door though she seems ok with them. I have read that until she hits 12-18 month range that those defensive skills will not kick in so she has some time yet. She is a very proud dog and we are real pleased with her, I swear her eye contact sometimes is scary it’s like you have another child. When back in Tennessee we will come by for a visit, thanks and have a great Holiday.