From Moira and Joschi 8/18/2010: “Maxx”

At 8-9 weeks old:

Our new puppy is such a pleasure. He has absolutely exceeded our expectations. From leash training to house breaking, he is BRILLIANT! He picks up on command, thank you for such a wonderful pup.
We have been through what seems like a million names. I know the contracted said his name needs to start with an F, but he really seems to be a MAX. If he definitely needs a name starting with an F, he will just have to go by his middle name…Max.

We found an excellent trainer….. He came highly recommended from our good friends, he is all about positive reinforcement and creating a warm loving relationship with your dog. We can come and watch any/all of his trainings that are held at our local park, but we cannot attend until our pup is 4 months. Ade has an extensive background and will definitely lead us in the right direction with any and all advanced training we choose to do.

Yesterday, we observed our first class and we actually met a beautiful 15 month old German Shepherd of YOURS….her mom is Ghirra and her dad is Wasko….I think her name was Tala and her owner’s name was Audo ( I could be spelling this wrong).

I have attached a few pics for you guys to see our progress….and to see how cute he is!

Update 10-25-10:

Good morning,

Just wanted to touch base with you guys. I happened to weigh Max at the pet store Friday….he had gained 8 1/2 lbs in a week and half!! We are heading to the vet to update his shots on Saturday – I am so anxious to see how many more lbs he has put on, he has grown a few inches taller in the last three days! He is going to be gigantic

It is absolutely amazing how smart he is. He already knows SIT…with or without a treat. He is progressing beautifully on the lead, he understand ‘outside/peepee’. Everyone LOVES him and complements him. I was talking to someone about his smarts, at that moment he started chasing his tail (his favorite toy). Too funny!

We will send more pictures soon…
Take Care, Barrett

Update 11-22-10:

Just wanted to give you guys an update on Max. He is doing GREAT! I cannot wait until we start his basic training Dec 8th…he is strong and I am afraid he is going to drag me all over Atlanta! We purchased a puppy tug set from His favorite of the set is a leather towel attached to a string. He could play with “our” toys forever. Though we are definitely playing lightly since he started teething this week!

Max’s potty/crate training has been going really smoothly. He is finally to a point where he goes into his crate on his own just to relax. He sleeps all night through, lets us know when he needs to go outside, he is great (other than the pulling) on the leash. The main challenges so far are bath time & his constant nipping at my ankles…he’s ripped every pair of pajama pants I own! He is a mess. We went for shots this weekend…he weighed in at 43 lbs.

I know his training classes are going to be so beneficial for him and us…I really cannot wait until we can get into more advanced tracking training/bite training. You can already tell he is going to do a great job tracking. Every walk we go on, he gets on the trail of something and is not satisfied until he finds it. It is hilarious to watch this ‘little/big” puppy get serious about a scent.

Thanks so much for everything – y’all have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Barrett, Chris, Max

Update 12-17-10:

Just wanted to give you guys an update on Max. He is doing GREAT of course! Last week he received his last round of shots, weighing in at 50lbs at 4 1/2 months, he is a BIG baby! We recently took him to visit both sides of the family. He had a wonderful Thanksgiving with his ‘uncle’ Yogi, a very small shih tzu. They got along great and he was a perfect angel at my parent’s house.

We then took him to visit all of our nieces and nephews. He played perfectly with the toddlers, it was like he knew he needed to be more gentle with them. Instead of pouncing for his rope like he does with us, he waited patiently for the kids to throw the rope. Then he would look at us, like he was asking…’ok, can I go now?’ LOL

We have attended two training sessions so far, he is really working hard to understand what I am asking of him. He responds quickly, everyone loves watching him work.

Most days one of us are home with him, but once or twice a week he goes to doggy day care with our trainer’s assistant. The socialization is great for him, he was showing signs of a dog anxiety and we wanted to break him of that early.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Update 1-19-11:

Update 2-7-11:

Update 3-24-11:

Update 6-13-11:

From Moira and Joschi 8/18/2010: “Simon”

At 9 weeks old:

At 12-13 weeks old:

Simon is doing very well and is making so much progress in his leash training, and is automatically going into the ‘sit’ postition much of the time. He is so intelligent. And when he looks so intently with his head tilting from side to side, it is just the sweetest expression and he looks like he’s saying, what do you want me to do? He is so deserving, and I just want to teach him so much, he is a pleasure to work with and love.

Update at 5.5 months:

Update at 7 months:

Update at 9 months:

What a dog. I got a little more dog than I expected. As you remember I kinda wanted a good yard dog. Well, I got a new shadow, well behaved, mean looking dude. He lives in the house, goes everywhere the 4 runner goes, tears every stick that falls in the yard up and no ball well stand up to him. Loves fetching sticks in the lake (his pastime) More energy than Susan and I put together. Does great in the house. Likes out after mid-time. Comes in when we get up. Loves playing with little dogs. Big dogs don’t seem to like him. He is very playful. Have seen no aggression except with sticks and balls. We have to be very careful when we pick up a ball or stick – He is gonna get it or your arm. Shows a lot of affection to Susan and myself. Will actually get in my recliner on top of me, in my lap for his tickling. Good on the leash and in crowds. No fear around strangers but he is a little too nice when people come up….. (has never damaged anything in the house or yard) – he has some old shoes I gave him and likes to carry around apiece of 3 inch hickory firewood. Strong mouth. Anything we should be doing? He is so smart, I do not think we have the ability to let him reach his potential. One beautiful, great dog. Thanks.

From Moira and Joschi 8/18/2010: “Furioso”