Magnhilde vom Sequoyah Haus and Drago vom Patriot

Chief is doing well . He is almost totally house trained and knows all basic commands except heel just because I have not taught him yet . You might get a kick out of one of the picks. I took him for a walk and it was hot. When I got back I opened the frig for a water this is what happened. I had to take a few pics. I think he will like winter a little better. I am impressed so far he is not gun shy and loves playing in water.


Chief is doing well and is totally housebroken. He has not had a single accident since last email that I sent you. Chief has a tremendous bite.Toys are getting destroyed quickly so I bought him a large beef bone about 18 in long thinking he would only be able to chew on it and he shattered it. I had to throw it away. I was not expecting him to have that capability yet. I am going to try the largest nylon bone that I can find at the pet store next. Training is going well. The hardest training that I have had so far is getting him to lead with out pulling and his attraction to moving cars when I take him for his walks on lead. I have been training him a lot on the cars over and over everyday. Everything else he picks up and about 15 minutes and does not forget. I have to put him in his kennel when I take a shower or he is in there with me.