From Laynie and Logan 5/06: “THOR”

Hi Dr. Thompson,

Here are some current pic’s. I will call you in November about X-Rays. His weight was 49 pounds yesterday. He just completed his first 8 classes of obedience and will have 5 additional session at the intermediate level. When the instructor wanted to demonstrate something he always used Thor because he the quickest dog to learn and do.


Update 6/7/07:

Here are a few pictures of Thor learning to kayak. This was his first time out after practicing to sit in the kayak for 2 week on dry land. He is doing well and is a wonderful dog.


Update 5/31/08:

Hi Dr. Thompson. Here are some pic’s of Thor. He is now two years old and 103 pounds. He has been swimming since we got him and now he is a boat dog. He gets walked at least 6 and some times ten miles a week. He is very gentle with our other pets and is always fun to be around The product we use to get him in and out of the boat is called doggy dock. A little spendy at $ 350 but works great! I have one or two different views of Thor on mu iphone and send them latter. You can see Thor using the dock on you tube at the address above. If you can’t see it let me know or go to you tube and search doggy dock.


Update 12/18/08: What a Handsome Fella!