From Kiah and Thorne 2/13/2010: “Leif”

Attached are some pictures of Leif. Thanks for setting us up with such a wonderful dog – we couldn’t have asked for a better match!

Lauren G.

From Kiah and Thorne 2/13/2010: “Ella”

Hi Sherle and Shari,

Thanks for the great dog! Lilly is now Ella Blu. Ella is easier to say. She has really been a great addition to our family. To say that she is an absolute maniac for her red ball would be an understatement! She is also a site to see when she goes airborne for her frisbee. She has most of her basic obedience commands down. I believe she can do anything and is only limited by my lack of time and ability to teach her. I will be checking back soon to see about having some additional training done. She is a beautiful dog, very friendly, and would rather stay outside than in. She shows no fear or agression toward other dogs or people.