From Ghirra and Wasko 12/09: “Saber”

Saber at 6 months

Hi guys. Saber is doing well. She is a ball freak. She’s already destroyed two tennis balls and some motorized ball that rolled on its own. She now has a very hard ball that makes a weird noise which she loves and a little foam football which is her second choice.

Did you know she is also a water hound? See the enclosed pics.

I now have her looking at where I’m pointing instead of looking at my hand. Instead of dropping the ball ten feet away she now brings it to my feet. She also asks for help when she can’t find the ball.

I’m putting some videos of her on youtube soon and I’ll send you a link.

She locked herself in the bathroom today for about an hour when I was on a service call and practically destroyed the room. It is doubtful that she’ll do that again. She didn’t like it and is a quick learner.