From Santa Rio and Logan 6/05: “THOR”

Thor is a great pup. He is a world of company and a true companion. He knows when the leash goes on to go to the front door, walk down the walk and get into the truck. He enjoys looking out the window if we are in the outskirts of town. If we are in town, he generally sleeps! When it is just he, Fluttie and myself, he executes all basic commands quickly and flawlessly by hand signal or verbal command. If any of the Grandsons are around, he is totally ballistic for about 15 minutes or so. I think he will outgrow this in time as he matures.

Thor has developed beautifully. He is a very large and powerful animal. We took him to the lake Saturday for a ride on the pontoon boat and play in the water. He swims really well with those huge feet of his! When we are at the lake, he enjoys playing with any children that happen by the island (Sandbar). He usually goes through 3 tennis balls each trip. He gets excited and bites them and they sink! He gets a least one bath each week and when it rained out our trip to the lake last weekend, that evening, I heard him bark and found him in the bathroom standing in the bathtub!

I will send pictures as soon as my camera battery gets here! Only been on order since the 12th of never! Thanks again for choosing Thor for us!