• Ken belongs to Mark Boggs of Kriegshund Kennels
  • KKL1, Sch 3, FO, P1, PD1
  • HD: A-normal and ED: Normal
  • Great Nerve, Solid Dog with a Very Nice Civil Side
  • Great with People – Super “Off” Switch
  • His Father is “Olly von der Horst” – a BSP competitor (94, 90, 98) with a ZW score: 85
  • His Mother is “Jule von der Grube Waldecke” daughter to World Competitor “Asko von der Lutter” and Granddaughter to Marc von Herkulesblick
  • ALL of the Pictures below were taken between July 2011 and September 2011 – Ken has been in retirement for a while and is soon to be 10 years of age.
  • We want to thank Mark for allowing us this opportunity to make this breeding.