Brix von Eichenluft belongs to Molly Graf and is the son of Eagle. Eagle vom Eichenluft is a 25 x SCH 3 dog and son of Alk Osterburg Quell (7th place World Competitor and 3x USA). Alk is the son of the famous DDR male Lord vom Gleisdreieck. Brix is also son to Cora von Granit Rose – the full sister of Ahron von Granit Rose (father to Falk von den Wolfen – 3 x BSP). What is the strongest trait that links all of these dogs – their proven working ability? NO. They have another more significant trait in common – they are known hip producers. We are looking forward to this breeding immensely. This is an old line and we are very happy to have found it.

This breeding provides an incredible mixture of beauty of the DDR lines, with intelligence, personality, toughness, and an awesome line up of known hip producer. We will be holding 1-2 pups out of this litter and will provide hip scores on all of the puppies as well.