Located in Atlanta, GA
Czech import
Born in 12/1/2014
Son to V Sharon Favory Cross IPO3 and VD Nippy Jirova Dvora IPO3, ZVV2, ZPS1
Grandson to V Charik Galan Nalag IPO3, SCHH3, WUSV, VZ MSKS OSTRAVA – 1.MISTO

  • Nash is a large, powerful male
  • High drive male that loves to work
  • High prey, high food, and high possession drives
  • He is aloof with strangers and very bond to his “pack”
  • He is neutral with “neutral” stranger but does not mind a challenge either.
  • Hard and full bites.
  • Clear headed but a very nice civil side
  • Enjoys tracking with a nice deep nose
  • Triple certified hips: OFA Good, A stamped, and PennHip scores at 0.35/0.36.
  • Progeny are young but look very promising.