Sequoyah Shepherds is now offering Comprehensive Dog Training

Sequoyah Shepherds is pleased to be offering a comprehensive training program for both owners and their dogs.

Dog training is an crucial part of owning and raising a dog. It is vastly recommended regardless of your everyday life or the breed of your dog. Just as with any member of your family, there must be rules and in order to follow the rules, you must first KNOW the rules. Most dogs are more than happy to follow the rules, but unfortunately, many dogs are never taught the rules. Because of this failure, the number one reason most dogs are surrender to Humane Societies and Rescues, is for behavioral problems. Unfortunately, most issues are there because of a lack of instructions on the “RULES”. (Funny, that is the number one issue with “problem” children too!) 🙂

Here at Sequoyah, though we specialize in German Shepherds, we also offer comprehensive training for other breeds as well. We specialize in correcting undesirable behaviors and training you to properly communicate with your pet. We prefer to prevent problems though, if we can, so we offer training from the very beginning. Often professional dog obedience training is needed to correct a dog behavior or train your dog a particular set of skills. Dog training is our vocation. It is hassle free, affordable and professional.

We have a variety of trainers and are able to meet the needs of various breeds by custom tailoring our training for each special individual. Different dog breeds may well be in need of different training methods – For example, you can’t use the same training style on a shy Chihuahua that you might use for an overly exuberant Labrador and expect the same results.

Sequoyah Shepherds was founded in 1997. Since its founding, we have continually run into a need for quality dog trainers. Over the years we have taken on individual training dogs on a case by case basis. More recently, since beginning to compete more heavily in dog competitions throughout the United States, we have encountered more and more need for specialized training. Here at Sequoyah Shepherds we specialize in obedience and personal protection training. Though we are commonly thought of as ONLY German Shepherd trainers, we do have several trainers that specialize in smaller dog breeds as well.

We are an organization of individual trainers who are committed to helping you and your canine friend understand each other better and thereby making both of your lives easier. Our team is composed of trainers from across the spectrum of training philosophies who have an interest in furthering their knowledge of positive training. We have also acquired trainers in various parts of the country for those of you who might not be local.

Our list of satisfied clients can be found throughout the eastern United States. Our trainers include police officers, competitive sports trainers, and veterinarians and we have continued contact with other dog trainers, dog club members, humane society personnel, service dog trainers and well known trainers throughout the United States and abroad.

How and What we offer:

What we offer — Click on each link to see more information on classes.

How we offer it —

  • Socialization/group classes
  • Individual one on one classes
  • Daily Classes
  • Weekly Classes
  • In-Home Sessions
  • Residential Training This course actually involves your dog doing a residency with a certified trainer who will work one on one with them. The trainer will teach all of the information that they would normally learn in the above mentioned classes and much more. Because the dog will be working one on one with an experienced dog trainer, they will learn much faster and more extensively usually than other dogs. After they have finished their course, then the dog and the owner will be trained together to ensure that they are both “speaking the same language”. This course will come with a total of (2) private follow-up lessons (if needed) to keep both the owner and the dog working well together.