It is always best to start teaching your dog while he or she is still a pup. Puppies are naturally curious and like to explore. This behavior should be encouraged but monitored. Puppies will get in trouble exploring just as little kids will burn themselves on hot stoves before they understand that it is “hot” unless properly supervised.

Socialization is not hard, it is just time consuming. For those of you who have kids, you know that even though you love you children, often times you look forward to the little ones heading off to kindergarten because it gives you a chance to relax. We offer the same reprieve here at Sequoyah. We will not only “babysit” your puppy, but we will also provide an environment to enrich his learning. We provide large amounts of interaction with other people, “trips” to new places, socialization with a variety of other breeds of all shapes and sizes, and we offer all of these things in a protected, supervised manner to give your puppy the best start in life.

For those of you who might have gotten an older puppy or dog who might not have gotten off to the right start in life, we also offer socialization for you too. Often times people will rescue dogs that have had some bad experiences with people or even other dogs. We will help them, and also help you to help them, get back on the right track. This class helps pups gain self-confidence when dealing with “anxieties” of life. They are introduced to people as well as other pups/dogs. The timid ones are taught that life is not THAT scary. OR, for the larger breeds, they are taught that smaller dogs must be treated gently and that they are friends (not snacks!)

Often, people get a dog that might need this extra one-on-one attention but unfortunately, they may work long hours or simply just don’t have the time that is often required to do socialization. We offer the ability for you to be able to drop your puppy or dog off of a morning and not worry about him or her sitting at home for 8-12 hours unsupervised and bored.

Feel free to give us a call if you think that socialization might be helpful to you or your pup! Puppyhood is challenging — get them off to a great start!