Cora was last bred to Dzouzef Barnero in 2018. She is now scheduled to retire from our breeding program.

Cora is one of our top competition females.  She is EXTREMELY confident and full of energy.  She loves to work and is extremely social.  She is almost too solid in her nerve and never meets a stranger.  Her pedigree is outstanding with her mother being Connie Orthex – an Orry (WUSVx6, ZVV3) daughter which also carries the ZVV3 title.  Her father is Karamel Anrebri, son to Ellute.  Other notable names in her immediate pedigree include:  Cordon, Mat Danaru, Grim, Warra Gymor, Pike, Gero Chmelovy, Dingo Conneforde, Querry, Frankie, and Tom Leefdaalhof.