This litter is being bred for:

  • Health, Health, Health!!
  • Exceptional Hips Scores
  • Balanced drives for Competition, Working, or Family Homes
  • Solid, large boned pups
  • Ease of training and a willingness to work!!
  • Very strong loyalty to their owner.

V Uny Milvel

V Uny Milvel  (ZM, ZVV1, CGC, FO, PA, P1, P2, P3, PD1, KKL1)

  • With Shari
  • Born 9/12/02 – Beautiful Black Sable Czech Female
  • Nice blocky head – very nice bone with exceptional conformation
  • Classic GSD personality – Calm, aloof with strangers, protective without aggressive
  • Dependable with clear on and off switch.
  • Loyal companion

Sequoyah’s UNY MILVEL is the 1st female to ever hold the SDA P3 title!! In April of 2010, Shari put the first SDA P3 title on a female – Sequoyah’s very own Uny Milvel.

Breed Survey: Czech breed survey 5V1/P
Hips: (bonitacni) hips a(1/0) elbows 0/0,
Color: Black Sable
Date of birth: 9-12-2002

Tigress vom RossHaus

Tigress vom RossHaus — (CGC, FO, PA, P1 titled)

  • With Jean
  • Born 9-3-2003
  • EXCELLENT hips – Scores in the top 0% of the breed
  • Superb ball drive
  • Out of a long line of working dogs with narcotic/police backgrounds.
  • Completely trustworthy around people.

Hips: OFA – Good, Pennhip –

Top 1% of GSD

Elbows: OFA – normal
Color: Black and Tan
Date of birth: 9-3-2003
AKC: DN04897601
Microchip: Avid*099*263*605
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 69 pounds


Judge is our most active addition. He has just past his Penn Hip certification and has scored very high indeed. He ranks in the top 20% of the German Shepherds as having some the the best hips around, especially for his size! (He is approaching 95 pounds.) He is just recently sired his first litter and we are following them closely to see how they turned out. We have great expectations for him and his offspring.


(CGC, BH, AD, SchH1, FO, PA, P1, PD1, P2, P3 )
(2 x SchH1 both with 97 points in protection)
(P3 with 99 points in protection)

Bonnie is a top sport female out of the famous working dog V-Falk von der Wolfen, SchH3, IPO3 (BSP), KKL1 “a” normal hips.

Bonnie is a very high drive female with full and hard grips. She is not just a sport dog – she has some civil aggression, extreme ball drive, is very attentive to the handler and very slow and methodical in tracking. She is SchH1 with 97 point in protection and “a” normal hips.


  • Out of our very own Uny Milvel
  • Daughter to World Competitor: Tom vom Haus Pixner
  • Beautiful, Dark Sable Female
  • Excellent Hips and can reproduce them
  • Great with kids
  • Obedience and Protection titled
  • Good temperament


  • Currently in training with Shari Steven
  • Begins Competing in March 2010
  • Out of Aron vom Poppitz – German import
  • Beautiful, Black Female – Nice head!
  • Great Disposition
  • LOVES the water – In fact, the reason she looks wet in the pictures, is because she is! She went diving into the pond WHILE it was SNOWING! We have considered entering her in AIR DOG (involves diving off a dock into a pool of water – she would be great at it!)



  • SchH 1: A: 100 B: 85 C: 98
  • SchH 2: A: 95 B: 90 C:96
  • SchH 3: A: 90 B: 94 C: 98
  • LGA 2003 A: 95 B: 90 C: 95 ,
  • Bundes FCI A: 94 B: 90 C: 96
  • BSP 2003 A: 98 B: 80 C: 96 ,
  • BSP 2004 A: 100 B: 77 C: 97

Dolores Soví mlýn

Dolores Soví mlýn (FO, P1, PD1x2)

  • With Tom and Kathy
  • Born 11/27/09
  • Czech line female with rich red pigment
  • Very sweet female and loves people
  • Produces pups with extremely high drive
  • More prey than civil but will high desire to fight

Connie v.h. Polbeekkwartier

Connie v.h. Polbeekkwartier (FO, P1, PD1) —

  • With Tom and Kathy
  • Daughter to Javir vom Talka Marda and G Asta van de Minfora VH3
  • Born 11/24/2007
  • Very intense female especially in bitework
  • Exceptional hunt drive and good ball/prey/food drives
  • Environmental confidence and Non-reactive.
  • Aloof but aware.
  • Good with other dogs (lives with poodles)


  • Daughter to Uny Milvel (Czech import) and Tom vom Haus Pixner (2005 World Competitor) puppy
  • A Beautiful Black Sable Female
  • OFA Excellent at nearly 6 years of age
  • Good Prey Drive and willing worker
  • Wants to please with a natural Suspicious Side
  • Strong Pedigree
  • Titled under SDA


Kiah is a compact, smaller female with DDR / Czech background. She is a bicolor female with an EXCELLENT disposition. She can be a trusted explicitly around children and is very self-confident in her environment. She is out of a long line of working dogs with her father being Esko vom Gräfental. She has an easy disposition but her true claim to fame is her incredible herding instinct. Give her a herd of cattle and she will show you her true calling. She is a good alarm dog and is just starting in Protection training.