Here at Sequoyah Shepherds, we offer you a Cash Award for putting a working title or certification on your dog. We know that well trained dogs are happier dogs. Dogs who know the “rules” get to go more places, participate in more activities and bond better with their owners. When you purchase a German Shepherd, you are making an investment in the next 10-12 years of your life. So, we feel that it benefits both the dog and the owner to spend time together, training, playing and learning each other. In order to promote this bonding/training time, Sequoyah Shepherds will award the Buyer for the attainment of approved working titles. These titles include, but are not necessarily limited to the titles and certifications listed below:

Fifty dollars ($50) will be awarded for the working title of, or working certification of:

  • AKC title of Companion Dog or higher (CD or CDX),
  • UKC Obedience title
  • AKC Tracking,
  • AKC or UKC Agility dog (but not including Rally events),
  • Schutzhund titles of BH or FH.

One hundred dollars ($100) will be awarded for the achievement of:

  • Schutzhund 1
  • IPO1
  • KNPV 1 (PH1)
  • PSA 1

Two hundred dollars ($200) will be awarded for the achievement of:

  • Schutzhund 2 or higher,
  • IPO2 or higher
  • KNPV 2 (PH2)
  • Certified Working Police Dog,
  • Search and Rescue Certifications such as Cadaver Dog, Water Rescue dog, Avalanche Dog, etc.

The Achievement Award Entry will expire six years from the date of the birth of the dog. There will be no awards for titles/certificates attained after that date. No dog will receive more than $200 for any title or certification, and no more than $500 for a combination thereof. This rate is in effect on all titles including and after the March 2007 Litter. All Achievement Awards will be responded to by Sequoyah Shepherds no later than six months after we receive documented proof of these titles or certificates. Sequoyah Shepherds may require information and/or a picture to verify these claims that achievements have been acquired by the aforementioned dog and the Buyer. If the Buyer does not register the dog in the Kennel name (Sequoyah), but registers the dog in a different kennel name these Awards are not valid. Not having our kennel name on the dog defeats part of the purpose of the Sequoyah Shepherds Achievement Awards. If this dog is sold, Sequoyah Shepherds may, at its own discretion, allow the transfer of the Achievement Awards Entry to the second owner. Sequoyah Shepherds has the right to refuse or modify the transfer of the Achievement Awards Entry.

We may consider other titles not noted here to be awarded. Please contact us concerning other working dog titles not noted.