Advanced Obedience -6 months of age and up (who have already passed their basic obedience course)

In the advanced obedience courses, we offer advanced training on many of the same things that were covered in our basic obedience courses. We will focus on performance under distractions. The dogs will learn to focus on their owners at all times and not just when the owner is close enough to correct them. We will also begin training for “off lead” control. If there are any owners that might be interested in competitions, we will work on attentive healing, sit out of motions, advanced recalls, and possibly also introduce agility as well. The same format will be offered that is available with the Beginning Obedience.

Advanced Obedience Group Classes: Consists of a small group and the classes are tailor-made to fit each group. (6 week course of 1 hour long classes each week.)

Advanced Obedience One on One Classes: These are one on one classes with just you, your dog, and a trainer. The class will only go as fast or as slow as you and your dog can handle. The classes can be custom tailored to fit your schedule. Often times, though the classes are a little more expensive than group classes, you end up coming out ahead in the end.

Advance Obedience Daily/Weekly/Monthly Trainer Session: These sessions are great for people who either don’t want to do their own training or simply just don’t have time. You can bring your dog in for daily, weekly, or monthly sessions with one of our trainers. This training methods actually will give you the most gains in the shortest amount of time without a doubt. Instead of us training you to train your dog, we simply train your dog. We will set up multiple times throughout the day to work with your dog one-on-one. This technique allows us to help your dog excel faster in training because of your dog’s attention span. Just as you yourself would get bore and lose focus in a lecture that drones on and on, so would your dog. Dogs learn quicker with multiple small sessions rather than one great big LONG one. After our training sessions then we will show/demonstrate what your dog knows and then work with you to make sure that the two of you are “on the same page”. Once your dog knows his commands and you know his, he will be more than willing to follow your lead.